Our Offered Services

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Instant Availability

We at WHEELO believe that it is customer's right that he should get his desired service at the right time and place.

Digital Payments

WHEELO believes in a India where every payment will be cashless and that is why we're promoting and offering digital payments.

Verified Userbase

Security is a primary concern for us and that is why we have a completely verfied userbase.

Our USPs?

The features that make WHEELO work!

WHEELO Weigher

Weighing is an essential process of any transportation and WHEELO understands it.WHEELO Weigher is our exclusive service which will provide live weight measurement of the trucks to the customers.

Wheelo Drive

Wheelo Drive is a cloud based service which will store KYC documents of all the users of WHEELO for making a completely verified userbase.


WHEELO will also provide live tracking of trucks so that customers can check the location of their shipment anytime.


Scrapping the old concept of a paper showing the "proof of delivery",Wheelo is going digital by introducing "Electronic Proof Of Delivery".

Why US ?

Wheelo aims to connect the transporters, truck-drivers and customers on a single platform for making transportation simpler, quicker and in an organised manner. We are an organised team which are constantly working to improve the blood vein of India i.e. transportation industry, by focusing on core elements like transporters, drivers, consignors, consignees etc. and working 24/7 like a beating heart to boost India’s transportation industry economic opportunities.The services we offer and the features which we have make us stand out of the competition. Our strength also lies in our team which is working hard day and night to ensure customer satisfication and provide the best possible services on the market.


Stay tuned for updates!

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